Fabric reopening?


Weird that they’ve just banned 18 year olds from attending on a weekend

The lifetime ban for drugs is ridiculous too (and I say that as someone who doesn’t take drugs)


Beware the girl/guy wearing the enormous novelty stetson - they might have an ulterior motive for wanting to dance with you.


“Covert surveillance within the club” was what I meant to quote.


‘Covert surveillance within the club’ means police inside at all times, from the sound of things.


But cops can’t dance!


load of fuss over nothing really wasnt it


Just seems to be more cops moving in, which the average fabric patron is probably all for tbh


what does that even mean


people just won’t mind


do they really think raising the age from 18 (assuming this is what is was before?) to 19 is meaningful?


Saw this on Twitter just now:

Am I missing something, or is he saying that getting off your mash on gurners is the point of Fabric? because, as much as it’s hugely unfair to hold a club responsible for deaths which would have been prevented if we had a vaguely sensible drug policy in this country… they are illegal. They shouldn’t be (imo), but they are. So really, what choice did they have?

Surely it’s better to have a club with a strictly-enforced door policy than no club at all?


You guys hear this news about Fabric reopening? That’s like the time where I bent over and split my pants and it was the second time it happened to this specific pair of pants after me repairing them after the first incident


Ha ha! Good one mate!!


it’s just a really fucking stupid opinion


he clarified it by saying that their fundraising campaign “was sold as a legal battle to set a better precedent for clubs in general [and] these “gold standard” conditions will be hard for smaller clubs to fulfil, might lead to wider closures”. Which is a valid concern. I’m not really a clubber myself but I see clubs closing near me all the time because they’re worth more as overpriced flats and I’m very much of the opinion that the closure of any late-night venue is shit for culture as a whole.


You should patch that hole with a bit of (Amy) Lamé Fabric, mate!


Hahaha! Maybe I will mate!


I can see your bum!


wtf is a night czar and why is it amy lame?


Something about enforcing plain clothes police officers inside a nightclub itself secretly regulating your fun is fairly Orwellian isn’t it, like not even in a special circumstance, all the time. That does sort of water down the supposed ‘culture’ of the place.