Fabric softener

Do you use it?! Is it a con? It sounds like a con

  • I use fabric softener
  • I do not

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Sorry to double thread but my tiny mind has been blown

I use it because I get an earful if I don’t, but I’m convinced it’s a con too.


wish I was on the other side of this argument so I could accuse everyone of being in the pocket of Big Soft


Think I’m gonna just… not use it any more??

Nervous for the first big towel wash, mind


Use it sometimes. Towels are noticeably softer when it’s used tbf.

Got some of them Lenor Unstoppables at the minute, not sure if they’re softener or just make stuff smell nice for longer.

Definitely not a con imo. Plus makes the clean clothes smell even nicer.


They just make stuff smell nice for longer.

But they’re bloody atrocious for the environment so I can’t on good conscience buy them any more :frowning:


I don’t think you’re supposed to use it on towels. Makes them less absorbent or something.


Oh :frowning:

Won’t buy any more then

I only found out a while ago, we’ve been lied to!! Lied to foxy!!


Worst case scenario - and this is the absolute worst case scenario - is that your towels become so rough that you literally flay yourself alive the first time you use them. But that’s a risk I’m willing for you to take.


It makes them less absorbent.

Don’t ask me how or why. Maybe one of the science people will know


We use those Unstoppables things from time to time and they do make the laundry smell nice (not nice enough to actually make me remember to use them consistently though).


Learning so much here and now I’m on a website called cleanipedia. Apparently you should only use FabSof every other wash on towels… had no idea.

(Tried to post the link but it doesn’t work. Now down a cleanipedia rabbit hole)


Memories triggered of Esther Rantzen on tv telling me not to use fabric conditioner on M&S towels.


yeah obviously. it’s how you make everything smell super duper.

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Makes T-shirts lose their print faster so fuck that noise.

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What I’ll do for you eps, as you’re a friend, is I’ll live stream the first drying off session after the big wash. One leg up on the toilet seat, really get in there. Camera also on the lid, so you can have a good view looking up. Narrate it all for you, in detail.

Is this because I didn’t send you those foot pics