Fabric softener


can’t believe you’re actually trusting the malcolms over at “cleanipedia”

Slicky says it just coats the fabric!!! In a layer! A pointless layer


I love the smell but I don’t really know how you use it and while I would LOVE my clothes to smell that great all the time, I don’t know if I can justify the environmental impact to myself

It doesn’t even smell that nice

I dunno, feels like there are a lot of synergies with DiS over at cleanipedia


Sometimes I want to drink it, they look like milkshake. And they smell like they’d taste nice.
When I was a kid I used to eat the bubble bath bubbles and they tasted like parma violets, so maybe fabric softener would be the same???

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*chonky pigsquids


Same Exfoliate AND dry… exhilarating!


So much to look forward to!
Can’t believe I’ve had the (chemical covered) wool pulled over my eyes for so long

Chunky Seinfelds*

makes stuff easier to iron. i heard. i mean whatever, I don’t care.

I’ve gone down the cleanipedia rabbit hole. I like this one

Yes, that is the bloodstain every woman is worried about when she’s wearing white shorts - a cut finger


I remember fabric softener being a big no no with cloth nappies cause it stops them absorbing.

Used to use it in almost every wash, now don’t use it at all. Not a lot of difference tbh. Tumble drying is the only way towels seem to get soft but we don’t have one of them

Might also be as much to do with the water hardness too

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I don’t own an iron and I refuse to ever own one, so

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I am also too punk rock to own an iron or even know what one is.

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Silly ladies. :roll_eyes:

I love the smell of our fabric softener, didn’t know it was bad for the environment :grimacing:

I use it for the smell alone. Don’t notice a difference with softness

I knew about the towels. I use the extra water setting on the washing machine instead

Also, fabric softener is no good with football shirts and sports kit

dont think it exists tbh

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