FABs are upside down

  • I agree, FABs are upside down

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don’t think they are tbh. you’re definitely not meant to hold the lolly and lick the stick


But the choc should be on the bottom

Should go white>red>choc imo.

don’t think you’re supposed to hold that either

But someone has to hold it by the stick and dip it in chocolate. How does that happen if the chocolate is on the bottom?

can’t remember what order they go tbh

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often think that Twisters are inside out because the red bit in the middle is the nicest bit, but maybe it’s for the best that you have to work your way towards that for a little treat

Red, white, choc

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i think in a box of mini-twisters you get normal twisters and inside out ones. but as you say the normal ones are better because you get the nicest bit last.


Choc on the bottom is the important change here.

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Yeah, we’re aligned on this

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I don’t think the choc should be on the bottom. I’m sorry, I just don’t

they go choc, white, red currently but that’s upside down.

Whats the matter with you?

I disagree with your assessment but agree with your reasoning. This is is why the choc should be on the bottom of a FAB so that you have something nice to work towards.

Not my fucking problem, mate

Have you considered that chocolate melting on your hand/dripping onto your trousers is worse than flavoured ice melting on your hand/dripping onto your trousers? Maybe they are just looking out for you

a Fab is all about breaking through each layer in turn though. when you think about it they are a very powerful metaphor for breaking down boundaries

Ice creams are upside down
So depressing when you’ve finished the delicious scoop of gelato and all you’ve got left is a cardboardy bit of wafer. Sort it out