Face Masks - Charity masks finished but now sold on Etsy #61


I’ve been enjoying making face masks but have run out of people to make them for so thought I would open it up to DiS.

The masks are made from double layered cotton with elastic ties (the elastic will be much thinner than in the below picture).

To make my life easier and not waste fabric, patterns won’t match up in the middle, as illustrated in the photos below.


To order a mask -

  1. Make a donation to one of the following two organisations. No minimum amount.

https://localgiving.org/donation/genderedintelligence ( http://genderedintelligence.co.uk)

  1. Send me a DM with the title ‘Mask’ and include:
  • your address
  • whether you would like 1 or 2 masks
  • your choice of fabric(s)
  • You don’t need to evidence the donation, I trust you.
  1. I will send your mask ASAP - won’t promise a time frame as it depends on demand and I don’t want to be going to the post office more than twice a week.

If demand is high I will temporarily change the title to ‘paused’ until I’m caught up.

Fabric options:

Collage 2020-06-13 11_53_19

I should be getting some new (probably more gender neutral) fabrics around the end of next week, so if none of the above are to your taste, watch this space :slightly_smiling_face:


wileycat these are brilliant, I love that the mask goes over your nose but doesn’t block out your vision

My mother-in-law sewed a few for us but tbh I might still hit you up for that hedgehog one


Getting to work on the first batch

Still have plenty of capacity for more :slightly_smiling_face:


Evening bump in case anyone who is interested has missed it.

Done for today, couple more to tackle tomorrow. Will send on Weds if the elastic has arrived.


These are really beautiful, so cool!


Hey pal. These are brilliant!

I’ve got a fair few masks already. However, I’ve just made a donation so if someone else would like one feel free to claim it!



I love F. When some money comes in I’ll get one of these as I feel like the 2 I have might not be enough given I wash them every time. Hmm, might also get G too. Lovely project :ok_hand:t3:

What a fantastic idea! They’re all good but I think C is particularly swoon-worthy :heart_eyes:

Just putting on a temporary pause until I can review fabric availability and get the first batch posted. All requests received should go out this week.

Will open back up probably on Wednesday :slightly_smiling_face:

Really happy this has worked so well and some good causes are benefiting!


If you get short on fabrics, I have some fat quarters I am unlikely to ever use now, I can post them to you if you want?


You know how I said I was planning to get more fabric?

I may have got a bit carried away.

Most of these are just half metres so it’s not actually that much.

If anyone can let me know what I was thinking when I ordered the first sloth one that would be great :man_facepalming:


Anything you like?

Orders being taken again soon!


I just wanted to say that first pic of you with the mask and sewing machine in the OP of the thread is really excellent!

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Also the thin elastic has arrived and I’ve somehow overcome my dyspraxia to learn to make adjustable knots :+1:

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Can I shotgun a sloth one (edit: please!)??!

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Sure. Anyone who has a really keen preference say here or message me and I’ll do my best to set some aside :slightly_smiling_face:

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The dog and fox material is :grinning:

I would love a dog and a sloth one when you’re taking orders again please!

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You have great taste in fabrics!
When you’re taking orders again I would love a fox, sloth and hanging sloth/hedgehog one, please :fox_face::sloth::hedgehog: :blush:


Okay, so have decided to try making a go of selling these on Etsy so I’m bringing this towards a close.

@Gnometorious @roastthemonaspit @nav your requests have been noted - I’ll let you know when the fabrics arrive so you can make your donation and send me your details.

I’m going to take five more orders - don’t make your donation yet (unless you want to make one anyhow) - just message me your fabric choice and quantity (just describe our screenshot the fabric if in the new ones).

As have only just ordered latest fabrics can’t guarantee a dispatch time but will endeavour to get them done as soon as possible.

Will close this once I’ve received five requests. I will link to my Etsy store if anyone wants to purchase one after this time :slightly_smiling_face:


If anyone wants one that can’t afford one right now, i’d like to make a donation/purchase and the mask can be sent to them!