Face Masks - Etsy sale #203

Just bought some for my wife. She’s very excited!

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Hi all. Had a huge lull and now getting a lot of orders again so it’s quite strange, but will keep going until it dies down completely.

As I’m only selling from stock now they’ll probably be designs listed as sold out more often - there will usually be more added within a few days but @ or message me if you want a specific time frame.

Will be doing masks in some designs in a large size to see how they sell - if anyone is interested in a particular print in a large size then let me know and I’ll get one made up (no requirement to purchase) :slightly_smiling_face:

Doing a load of otters tonight including some in a large size. Also a new blue print -

Other new ones in stock now or to be added/readded later this week:



So a few weeks ago my mental health took a major dive and I haven’t felt up to sewing. The past couple of days have been better and I’m getting back into doing a few each night. I cut out quite a lot of fabric back when I was making lots, so I might as well finish off those ones as I won’t be able to reuse the fabric.

All items are now 20% off (masks £5.20, masks and pouches £8.00).

Additionally if you purchase two items (mask and pouch count as one) you can use coupon MASK10 for a further £1 off.

All being well, there will be more added each day over the next couple of weeks, including some new designs.

Link again


Sorry to hear you’ve been struggling, glad you’re feeling a bit better this week x
@avery and I love our masks, they are comfortable and we’ve had loads of compliments, so thank you again :blush:


I’m a big fan of the orange envelope too… that’s a happy thing.

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