Face shavers of DiS (banal?)

When shaving obviously everyone likes to shave so that the remaining foam on their face makes funny shapes. What are your standard favourites. Quite like this one

and this is a classic

Currently sporting a PB in beard growth. Should probs trim it soon.

Anyway, I don’t shave so I’ll be going. Have a good thread.

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Piss off Joop Homme.

Hitler tache, obvs.

the standard ‘hombre’ most times. used to go for a rafa benitez sometimes too.


When our bathroom sink was blocked I stopped wet shaving and have been using an electric (also a necessity because of rarely getting the shaving time due to fatherhood).

Anyway, one morning I started shaving with the electric razor and then my daughter stopped me to ask about something. And I thought, “Okay, I definitely won’t forget to shave the rest of my face, though”.

Sure enough about 30m out of the house I touched my cheek and realised. Luckily I could run back for the razor but then I had to walk and shave all the way down to the tube platform like a savage.


Image result for narcos pablo escobar


I almost selected that one!

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readjusts trousers

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I shave twice a week and even then it’s hardly worth it. To try and grow any kind of moustache or beard is laughable.

Just to clarify, I make the shapes of silly facial hair out of the remaining shaving foam, I’d never allow enough growth to look like the rest of the unkempt hippies on here

I nearly went with a photo of the gocompare singer

there were only ever two pieces of advice that my dad gave me growing up. the first was when you’re shaving, you should always do the moustache first in case the fire alarm goes off halfway through and you have to leave the building and everyone thinks you’re growing a moustache.

the second was don’t put a snooker ball in your mouth.

both have served me well.


Pablo Escobar’s let himself go!

Face shavers of DiS: a rare breed indeed