Face symmetry

  • Very unsymmetrical
  • Quite unsymmetrical
  • Symmetrical
  • A picture of perfection

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a bit symmetrical

but like most people, reversed selfies or death

These kinds of discussions always remind me of this clip from Vanity Lair

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I don’t know whether its the symmetry or something else but there sure as shit is something not right about the damn thing

Complete Picasso, one eye higher than the other and everything. Hideous.

Yeah same. This is me

(not noticed it at all on you though if it’s any consolation lol)

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My nose is wonky and I have a little mole on one cheek, so that throws the whole potato sack out of whack

Also when I’m tired, which is 99% of the time, my right eye closes more than my left eye (it’s hereditary, my dad and granddad have the same thing going on)

No symmetry to it at all, very wonky

This. Am still a picture of perfection, though.

no idea if my face is symmetrical or not