Facebook Ad Preferences - basically their map of you



click that, then go to ‘your information’ and then click ‘your categories’

that’s what FB knows about you as a demographic. Most of it on mine is accurate except, curiously, my birthday.


Should they be more revealing than this?


“Birthday on 3rd March” (wrong)
Primary Browser: Chrome (yes)
All iOS devices (no)
All mobile devices (no)
Smartphone connections (no)
Wifi connections (sure)
Hotmail email addresses (from when I was 18)
Millenials (fuck off)

Nothing interesting, so I guess kind of accurate.


One of my interests is apparently ‘Sunglasses’ another is ‘Happiness’.



i think the more you use it the more there is on you. my colleague has been labelled as ‘slow adopter of technology’, ‘friends with ex-pats’, and something to do with how risk averse he is


well do you like happiness?


Mine is just a spinny circle, think my tinfoil hat is working


Not really.

My birthday is a whole 11 days out too. Idiots.


do you like sunglasses?


Apparently im a close friend of ex pats


Dont think ive ever met Pam st Clement


DAMN was about to post her picture >:frowning:


I own a couple of cheap pairs. I wouldn’t class them as an interest of mine.


maybe it knows you need better ones


:grinning: automobiles, fitness and country music. Fuck you facebook, you know literally nothing about me


#notandyvine :smiley:


Seriously what the fuck facebook, I knew you didn’t care about me, but to not even know enough about me to do targeted advertising is really disheartening :frowning: [doesn’t load anything]


who is this bloke? :sweat_smile:



:'D what the fuck?


I did find the thing in your settings where it lists eeeeeeeverything it knows about you and deleted it all recently, so this is pleasing that they’re so shit at getting their info back