Facebook cowardice


You ever post something on the old facey b and because no-one liked it, you deleted it?

I did it this morning. I think I might be a terrible human.


Deleted the whole thing m9 because, you see, I’m not on Facebook.


only post on facebook to tell people I’m not on facebook


Done that a fair bit on Instagram

If it makes you a terrible human then I need to join the terrible human club too :terrible human gang sign:


Last thing I posted on Facebook was in 2016.


I’m a Facebook coward in that I never post on it (although I do share my Insta posts on there sometimes) but daren’t go full #notonfacebookwanker due to FOMO


Why are you deleting it man? Because you think it has no worth if nobody has liked it? If that’s the case then that’s very daft.


my facebook feed is mostly a platform for me to share onion articles to a much smaller audience than they originally had.


I quit the boards in fury for as long as 2 or 3 days if I don’t feel adequately appreciated.


Yeah. It was a poem and it just felt a bit embarrassing leaving it hanging there in the ether.


Posted something on FB today for what feels like the first time in absolutely ages. Weird how little it seems to be used.


Oh matey, your poems are fantastic! Never equate social media likes to anything at all. You know you’re good at this stuff so a lack of likes means absolutely fuck all. Who’s to say if you left it up all day it wouldn’t have amassed nuff likes by this evening?


Would ditch Facebook if it weren’t for messenger. Amazing how it’s slowly going the way of Myspace when it used to seem like such an unstoppable force.


Thanks. I was toying with giving it another bash later in the day. Is that even weirder?


Not weird no, what’s weird is your reliance on social media attention to justify your worth! You’re better than that man.


All my Facebook posts are gold so I’ve never encountered this problem (I have)


Yeah, I’m a bit perturbed by it myself. They usually only get 5 or 6 people arsed on facebook, so I’m not too bothered about that. I think it was the embarrassment of literally none. Quite hard to tell when I’ve totally missed the mark with those shitty poems, especially when I wrote it at half past midnight when I got in last night (quite possibly bad content).


Fwiw you can deactivate your account but still use messenger.


Give a shit how my posts are received frankly


I admire your nonchalance.