Facebook Marketplace

Have you ever sold or bought through it? Any stories?

I am selling a small chest of drawers on it. Seems like a chaotic medium with lots of people who end every message with a kiss.

We have sold a fair amount of stuff. Mainly MrS unwanted electronic gadgets.

Speaking of which if any DiSer or their kids wants a pair of hardly worn Nike Air Jordans size 4.5 but more like a 3 / 3.5 let me know…

No, but there’s a Newcastle group I’m in that is 90% weird scams and I love it

(actually I just looked at it and it looks like the moderators have cleared it up, how very disappointing)

Once sold a three seat sofa and armchair through Facebook Marketplace. When the people turned up to collect they were genuinely surprised that the sofa and armchair wouldn’t fit in their small family car.


spent ages messaging people about furniture on it recently but nobody would deliver to my house so i gave up and got everything from ikea

I buy guitar pedals from there. It’s always been fine.

What a great post hit reply

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have given some stuff away on it too. people tend to be quite rude, and also sometimes message you expressing extreme interest in something and then never reply when you offer it to them

we bought a bunch of shit for baby that we were going to get anyway but ended up getting it basically brand new for like half price. turns out loads of people buy brand new shit for babies and then just dont use it and sell it cheap. its good if you ask me

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Got a big old CRT tv off it for free recently. And I’ve bought rare games off there before too. Was pretty painless, apart from carrying that tv

I posted it and within 1 minute a woman had messaged me. I felt very claustrophobic. We arranged pick up and location and everything and then she messaged me this morning asking how big it was, so I told her and then she pulled out. Sigh. Put it back on the market and a bunch of people messaged me. It’s very intense

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bought a gaming PC from there, no issues. Obviously there’s a bit of a risk but the reward is worth it

think cos there’s so much competition people just scramble for everything and then figure out whether they actually want it later

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I got a lamp and then my mum Slightly broke it so she bought me the same lamp from someone else so now I’ve got two of the same lamp. Getting the lamp was a massive pain cause the guy was like “we don’t show up on sat navs” and then gave me the most complicated directions but didn’t think to give me the name of even the villages nearby or shops nearby that would have got me on the right road and he lead me into a forest in the rain and the car got stuck and I’d call up and be like “ok I’m at this house” and he’d be like “what??? Why are you there??? You’ve gone too far. OH MY GODDDDD” and then I got there he was so posh DICK and his house would have turned up on the sat nav if he’d just given me his address. I hate him and I’m so angry now

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Bought a wallpaper steamer too. That was good.

This thread inspired me to have a look on my local one. Found this:


Sold a guitar on there, put local pick up only, guy messaged me saying could he have it couriered to Barnsley so I did that. Really shitty guitar too, weird thing to pay to have couriered to Barnsley imo.

Ooooh tempting.


I just use gumtree but am intrigued by Facebook marketplaces too. Stuff I got off gumtree:
Vintage camera lens
2 kittens
Various tutoring jobs
A bike

Used it to give our shed away. People who came and collected it were lovely, but we got a lot of spurious messages from men with ven trying to get us to pay them to take it away.

Signed by the late, great Hnad.

Probably worth a fortune.

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