Facebook Messenger Snapchat Update


You seen that latest update to imnotonFacebook Messenger? They’ve tried to make it like Snapchat.

It can fuck off.

No wonder people use WhatsApp all the time even though that is a massive pile of shit.


What’s wrong with WhatsApp?


not on famessnapchatbook


You can’t transfer your account if you get a new number.

I emigrated and had to set up a new account. Apparently there’s no way of letting people know I wasn’t in the other one, particularly for group chats where you don’t see every update received.

So apparently there was a group chat going for 18 MONTHS that noone involved didn’t know I was a part of. WhatsApp doesn’t retain messages undelivered after a few weeks so I had no fucking idea and they all thought that I was just being quiet.



Yes you can. I did this around a year ago.





Classic noone!



That’s a new feature.

Fuck off.




Telegram > Whatsapp

I only use the latter because everyone else seems to.


Not sure it’s that new - I did this December 2014.