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A thread for chatting shit about Facebook, or as they now like to be called, Meta.

I have had a Facebook account at some point in my life
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I have a Facebook account right now
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I use Facebook
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Facebook / Meta applications that I use
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Overnight they seem to have clamped down on people sharing things and liking things too much with different accounts.

Someone who manages a page literally had events removed because she shared them to 6 different groups. I can understand removing the multiple posts, but removing the events? Such a weird action.



I also got this insightful notification today


which led me to this, which sounds about right


which then shows me this mysterious notification


If I click on either of those entries, it does nothing. Since I haven’t posted anything to my personal profile for about 2 years, it’s a mystery what has been removed.

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did you have any photos like this?


How they now know where I worked and suggest others who work for the same company as friends even though I use a different incognito browser for any work stuff and have never mentioned the company name in the virtual presence of zuckerberg (and I have an alt name on there to hide from bozos like this)

I am only on there because of the William Mitchell fan page, but tend to deactivate my account and just reactivate when I need some concrete art hits

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My notification said

did you have any photos like this? [image]

which made me nervous to open the thread again

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Literally only have an account on the very off chance I need to contact people I haven’t seen for 15+ years


I’d love to delete my Facebook account, but pretty much all comedy communications are through Facebook Messenger / groups.

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Some are via someone stood with a microphone in front of a red brick wall

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I’m in a few groups on Facebook and every 3 months there’s a, “should we get out of this shithole?” post on all of them and everybody agrees but we never leave.

Hate it. The only useful thing about Facebook is going on it feels like taking a small step back in time and being reminded that social media was always terrible, it’s not a new thing.

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Use Messenger every day but don’t pay much attention to the site itself anymore, other than for following events (gigs).

Occasionally I’ll open Facebook and realised I’d missed a notification from someone from days ago. I never really get FB notifications on my phone even though I don’t think I ever turned them off.

It’s good for keeping track of birthdays though, I should check it more just for that.

Over the years Facebook developed one of the worst UIs ever. Just an incomprehensible mess that made trying to do anything extremely difficult and confusing.

Also seemed it increasingly make the site lag like hell on a web browser too.


I’ve never felt the need to delete it though, it’s just there, it’s fine

The Business Suite is also an absolute hellscape of shit UI design

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Facebook used to be quite a useful way of keeping track of events and gigs, but it’s very very rare now to be invited to something like a birthday drinks via a Facebook event

it’s basically dead compared to 5 years ago, there’s just a few hardcore users left in terms of time

for people close to me in age I reckon the number who still go on there in a month is fairly similar to 5 years ago, but now 95% or more of them are going on once in that month instead of several times a week/day

this means that posting memes to your personal account you’ll get fuck all traction (no big loss really especially with the quality of memes I share :sunglasses:)

but if you’re posting something that’s big news and likely to rise to the top of the algorithm (like having a baby) you will still get lots of interaction from that large group of once a month visitors

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All aged 35+

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I remember going on Myspace in about 2012 and it was like an online portal to being 17 again, was wonderful cos all the bands we were in at college still had profiles with music on

and then it all got deleted anyway

Facebook will never be like that cos the profiles are all so similar and people have slowly changed what they have up whereas Myspace exploded then died so quickly it was almost all preserved (before deletion)

what’s funny is that the original success of Facebook was because it was so much better than Myspace for this

to put a picture on your facebook profile took 1 step vs 3 steps on myspace but the latter organisation couldn’t remove 2 steps cos it would demolish their ad revenue

accurate, the person I was thinking of is 35 this year

also I think there’s a lot of people who only post on Facebook because they post things on Instagram and have the ‘post everything to Facebook too’ option turned on

Nothing like an @username in the post copied over from Instagram which links to nothing at all