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Downloaded all my data and deleted my account a month or so ago as I never use it (aside from Marketplace) and absolutely fuck giving those pricks my personal data for any zero discernable benefit

Set up a dummy account with no data in it for marketplace stuff, jobs a goodun

This is a great idea. Might get all my photos off and delete my account.

This post paid for by PROF$.

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Don’t get me started on Facebook Marketplace

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Had almost totally left it behind, but currently trying to sell a bike on Facebook marketplace which is its own kind of hell.

Yeah, it is super annoying in its own way and a lot of people are fucking weird on there

but at least it serves a purpose and needs very little data etc from you

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The least you can do when creating a thread like this is to have the badges ready for when we walk in?

Been off it since organising my wedding as it was hell. Never regretted it and it definitely ‘helped’ me.

FInd it really annoying when events/promoters etc only have a facebook event with the details on.

Don’t need it anyway - this place is like facebook with imaginary friends

Got a Facebook account as a student when it was exciting and new, then after a couple of years deleted it for most of my twenties. Set up a new account a few years back mainly to keep in touch with some family members.

almost certain they deliberately did that to split the younger users who started using instagram, and the older less experienced users who are probably less likely to be bothered with a cluttered UI with loads of bells and whistles even though they’re all useless.

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get to the meta-chorus dick 'ead

pretty weird how quick Facebook pivoted to just being an app that you use to find out which of your school acquaintances got mega into QAnon within two and a half weeks of lockdown

Knew a few people in college who connected their twitter to Facebook so the home page would be clogged up with the same person live-blogging every movie they watched or threads full of blatant subtweets that became twelve status updates in a row.

Drifted away when they made messages almost completely inaccessible via Facebook in a browser, to they and hey you to use the standalone app. Have never once used the app for either.

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Messenger in a browser is one of the only things about it that’s pretty good imho

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How does WhatsApp make money? What’s it’s income stream? There are no adverts and no subscription fees.

So I suppose I’m just presuming it’s selling user data. But they bang on about end-to-end encryption and not being able to see content. But it’s gotta be all about the selling of data, right? But, like, just aggregated and depersonalised.

Have read a couple of shit articles. Which mention a WhatsApp for Business things, where the business has to pay if they don’t respond within 24hrs. Or something. But who the hell talks to a business via WhatsApp?

@Scout to thread.

@ma0sm do you use the WhatsApp web app? That’s actually pretty useful if you don’t want to look at your phone at work/send a link from your desktop more quickly.

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I do, but only for my freelance and tours - NEVER for office job.

(the business option I’ve seen used quite a bit for live chat - some MH helplines do this, and I’ve started getting authentication codes from paypal in my whatsapp as well as texts etc)



That messenger.com link is seemingly just advertising the app to me?

Tried going to Facebook.com and selecting the Messenger menu item. Does nothing.

This is all on mobile, by the way.

So I tried what I used to do but got very bored of: desktop mode. Yep. Can access messages that way. Got a few unread ones sitting there from weeks and years ago. Remembered why I abandoned it: the other person can see whether/when you’ve read a message. Found that very annoying. Creates a pressure to respond in a certain timeframe. Can’t be doing with it.

I accept that much of this is to do with me just being quite antisocial and/or often finding non-direct social interaction with people I know quite stressful.

:grinning: My email inbox and SMS app are already riddled with this sort of thing. WhatsApp being entirely free of that rammel is a central and major factor in WhatsApp being useable (from my POV, at least).

Can see how freelance and tour stuff works for you. Personally, I’d probably prefer email, but I accept that I’m likely in the minority here. E.g. businesses (I’m thinking mainly local cafes, here) that seem to have Instagram as their primary point of contact, taking orders etc via that method, is just not my bag.

Think WhatsApp Pay makes them a lot of cash

I quite often order take aways via WhatsApp if it’s available rather than going though just eat/uber eats

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