Facebook Notifications






the greatest


and yet DiS notifications and NEW POSTS, LOOK things are not red

(or not read, amirite?!)


Motion to add ‘Curtis bonsignore’ to kermit’s dis title

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you bonsignore these trousers


sure I just watched or heard someone say this about the red notifications the other day.

what did I watch? did you watch it too?


:smiley: Bloody Bonsignore


not sure why but Twitter notifications make me really anxious nowadays. barely go on there nowadays as a result, and when i do i intentionally avoid the notifications page/tab/whatever. i know they’ll almost all be “some jerk has recently tweeted - take a look!” but still. other apps are fine. weird.


I think I heard it an interview on the Danny in the Valley podcast


no this isn’t it. try to think what else I might have seen or heard recently and get back to me. thanks.


i get annoyed by “[friend] is interested in an event near you”. it’s always, without exception, someone who lives in london going to an event in london. i don’t live in london and while it’s geographically near, it takes fucking ages to get there.


If one of the other social media sites would do events that would be great, so I never have to go on Facebook again. Thank you.


“[page you like] added a new event near you” then it’s in Lincoln or some other nonsense place




They’re welcome to it.


Fb notifications I hate the most is when it says a venue has added new events, if it is a local venue then I actually want to know so click, but it just shows all events rather than the new ones