Factory Floor UK tour


Brief tour of the UK on sale now:
Glasgow 16th March
Salford 18th March
London 30th March

Should be good, I’ll hopefully be at the Glasgow date.


i loved them when i saw them last - might see if one of my london dogs is up for this


Factory Bore more like. Hahahahahahahahhaahaha etc.


Last time I saw these guys I’d got the tickets from @SenorDingDong :slight_smile:


Yeah, were they good that night? I’ve only seen them once (at one of the electric frog festivals), and they were great then.

The Glasgow show this time is using a quadrophonic PA.


I saw them at a festival in Turin around the time of the first album and they were absolutely incredible.

Saw them again last summer when they were down to two and they were a pale shadow of the first time.

Would definitely go again just to give them the benefit of the doubt.


They created a formidable sound the couple of times I saw them before their first album came out. They were always supporting but they blew the other bands (Caribou and Liars) out of the water!

Wouldnt mind seeing them again now they have more material in their catalogue.


Hmmmm I remember enjoying it without remembering too much about it :slight_smile:


What does a quadrophonic PA mean?


I think it’ll be set up so that the sound comes from all four corners of the floor, as opposed to just from either side of the stage.


If done well it can pan from each corner aswell… ( not just left and right like stereo) so it’s like 4.0 sound. Was big in the 70s but failed.


Anyone else seeing their live score of Metropolis at the Science Museum?


Nope! Haven’t seen anything about it… Are tickets just on sale through the Science Museum?


Aye, it’s part of the Robots season they’ve got on.



Ah cheers! I wonder if they’ll release the recording too?

Still need to get my ticket for the Heaven show :neutral_face:


Ah tickets look a bit scarce now. I’ve never seen them live before but I love a good live film score.



Scarce for the Heaven or Metropolis show?

I’ve not seen them as a two piece but they were a force to reckoned with back when I saw them support Liars and Caribou.

I’ve never gone to a film score show. Very much regretted not seeing Mica Levi perform Under the Skin. What scores have you seen?


The Metropolis screening. Yeah I read your comments up-thread, that’s a bold claim Wizzers!

I’ve seen The Cabinet of Dr Caligari over Halloween with a live score from a band called Antwerp:

I’ve seen the Royal Phil score Nostradamus too.



I stand by those comments! Both bands just felt a bit weedy in comparison; although my ears might have just been a bit fucked after FF’s sets.

Quite jealous of the The Cabinet of Dr Caligari show! Did the live score add much or was it a bit distracting?


No point in them as a live band without the drummer