The average width of a UK internal door in England and Wales is generally 762mm (2’6”), while in Scotland it is slightly narrower at 726mm.

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The world’s largest door is 465 feet high and takes 45 minutes to open or close.

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The only member of The Doors not to have a beard was Frank Beard


The two-word phrase ‘cellar door’ is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful phrases in the English language in a purely sonic sense.



the capital of Andorra is Andorra la Vella

Asparagus makes your wee smell really neat

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You wud expect the Scots to have thicker doors due to the colder weather, but I suppose it is cheaper to have a thinner door.

Ha ha! Small door wankers.


No it makes sense. The door hole is narrower letting in less cold.

I wonder if the English regularly fall through doors up here, expecting them to be heavier.

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Strange for a country famous for deep-frying chocolate to have narrower doors.


The door hole?

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Yeah, the bit you walk through. The door hole.

I’ve just submitted a form for a quote for three bits of hardwood board totalling about £5. Will a salesman get back to me with a quote?

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how do you know it totals about £5 if they haven’t got back to you yet?

something fishy about this


There is a price on the website and it looks like you are about to order it and then it is submitted for a quote.

fact in the OP looks like it’s probably based on a typo unfortunately

how much will three bits of hardwood board cost @discobot quote

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