Fads that you hated living though


Pretty sure there was an All The Small Things one recently, shark truly jumped

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If The Traitors is anything to go by this has completely flipped on its head now - filled with over the top, bombastic covers, but done completely straight-faced.

Genuinely awful, made me pine for Birdy soundtracking a mournful John Lewis advert.

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I haven’t heard that…in which case things have gotten much worse than I feared.

The 1980’s.

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That fad of inventing some shitty nickname for something just to generate social media traffic e.g. platty joobs, cozzy livs, inny wimmy day


Platty Joobs did horrible things to my background urge-to-kill levels

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Panny D

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A year 13 told me she’d missed my lessons cos she was off with the glandjy feves.


Peany b

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Reminds me - ‘bevraginos’. Fucking hell that annoyed me.


@ me, coward

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I’ve called it Peany b from the age of 6. This is no fad

You’re what, 12 now?

Hahahaha no! I’m 31 but my reading age is 34. Up yours


Upping the toffees was pretty painful.


@me you coward


When is this fad going to go away? It was pissing it down last night, and a guy was going to the shops like this. It looks really silly.


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I don’t like it when they use contemporary pop and rock music to soundtrack tv shows and films set in the old days.

It was good when Sophia Coppola did it in Marie antointette - can’t think of any other good examples

Hate it - is nearly always really jarring and contrived

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