Fads You're Glad Have Died Out/You Hope Will Die Out Soon


Glad to have died out:

Running man meme. Ruined one of my favourite ever tunes.
East-London dungarees fad.
Don’t stop believin’ played at every house party.

Hope die out:

Premium coffee.
Gym culture.
Pool sliders.


I read this as “Facts you’re glad have died out” and was consequently disappointed by the post content.

I have nothing to add to this thread.


Vape culture to die a horrible, horrible death please.


ooft, a double blow.

sure i’ll get over this in time :frowning:


worshipping the 90s seems to be on its way out. i’m fine with that.


Ripped jeans


it just scares me that the 00’s is the logical progression, seeing as though the 80s was the thing when I was in my late teens.


The rise of Nazism


what would that even entail tho?



Hope die out: high protein everything



Burgers in the pool!? What is this?


YouTube vloggers to die a (metaphorical) terrible, terrible death.


i’m relieved that you corrected from your incorrect quote upthread.

carry on.


Hmm. Chances are that if it’s come to my attention, the fad has probably already died a death. I’ll get back to you.


Fuuuuuu too late to edit :sweat:


those shit nostaliga lists seem to have gone away

“20 things everyone who went to school in 1992 did” etc

(this is a good thing)



actually, I’m increasingly worried we’re in the midst of a societal/cultural heat-death. maybe more fads would be good?