Faff to Enjoyment ratio of your average holiday

What you sayin


Mostly faff free but other people at airports being morons makes me antsy


depends how well the rental place has set up the bike


usually let other people organise it / 5
don’t even mind when there’s faff though cos it’s an escape from the faff at home

5:95. Always make sure I plan it so it is absolute minimum faff. This is normally overridden by my need to get save money and get the cheapest flight, so there’s normally a godawful 3am wakeup for at least one of the journeys. But that kind of ‘feels like holiday’ or some shit so I’m not too bothered by it.


If you told me right now that I’m never going on another holiday for the rest of my life, I’d be absolutely fine with that.


Our average holiday is just the two of us, so it’s fine. We could go away for six months and it’d be less faff than trying to organise a day trip with my friends, especially those who have kids.

the faffy bits just make you appreciate the good bits more

very little faff because I always, ALWAYS have a spreadsheet


The faff is part of the fun: nothing better than spending days looking at travel options, studying time tables and reading endless Tripadvisor hotel reviews.

My ability to plan trips where nothing goes wrong is quite miraculous considering my general day-to-day life

Think my last few holidays have been ridiculously over-ambitious. Have been trying to plan a ‘simple’ back-packing holiday in France for this year and it now looks as complicated as the D-day landings. Think deep-down I love chaotic, stressful holidays though

Would be mostly fine if it wasn’t for my job tbh. Work in a skeletal team so even if I’m going away for a week I have to do big arse handovers etc. Would rather just take my laptop away and do an hour or so each day for urgent stuff if I’m honest (my wife would not allow this, however).

Also sorting the cat out is a pain - either dropping him at a friend’s house (none of whom, of course, live conveniently near by) or at the cattery (which is very near by but is only open during office hours). By the time I actually go on holiday I’m already over it.

Landing in Kuala Lumpa and being told my suitcase had flown to Australia was the most faff I’ve had on a holiday. Took 3 days to get back to me so I had to buy new clothes and toiletries.

Worst things about holidays:

  • All of your stuff is somewhere else
  • Airports
  • Other British people
  • Unusual soft drink selection
  • The toilet in wherever you’re staying is probably not very good
  • Some places smell weirdly dusty, like Malta
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You should go on holiday to Japan.

Does it smell dusty at all?

No dust in Japan.

We’re really crap at getting around to going on holidays, but when we do it tends to go surprisingly well. Still find it hard to believe we organised a three week trip around South Africa, booking accommodation mostly on the fly at internet cafes, doing the travel arrangements during a manic bit of Olympics shiftwork, and still came out of it unscathed with a great holiday under our belts.

But I’m drawing the line at hoicking round New England this autumn. Just too much bandwidth required, plus America’s really expensive right now isn’t it. Swanage it is.

Used to be properly neurotic pre-holiday with the packing, airport and getting to the destination, but have relaxed a lot more over the years