"Faffed around" lately?

This is a thread for talking about times where you have “faffed around” or have been “faffing around” in the last 10-12 days.

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Doing a bit of faffing now tbqh


Talk us through it

Ant, I’ll level with you, I’m faffing right now. The faff involves some missing pages of a delivery note, that has turned out to be erroneous, and now I’m having to copy retail prices etc by hand onto the new one I’ve had to arrange to be sent to me then printed out. What a fucking faff.

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Pretty sure our director saw me absent mindedly browsing Wikipedia’s List of Fictional Turtles while I was waiting for a report to finish running last week.


My life requires so much action right now.

Therefore, I have spent a huge amount of time faffing around. A shameful amount, probably. If I faff, everything will be okay.

Faffing around right now. What is this post, if not proof?


This poses a very interesting philosophical question of whether it is possible to faff absentmindedly…

For me, the act of “faffing” is a conscious one. It is possible that sometimes an absentminded act could be externally construed as “faffing about” but really, one must be aware of the fact one is “faffing” otherwise they are probably “idling” maybe?

Interesting to think about…

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What is life but full of care, we have no time to just faff about like a haul of divs


I don’t faff around.

I want something. I get it.

I need to do something. It gets done.

Intelligent, thought-provoking and gloriously constructed… It can only be a post from our friend Ruffers!

If it’s real awe you’re after I’d suggest you check out saps and his omelette of pure efficiency

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Catch @saps this Thursday on BBC One’s The Apprentice at 2100hrs


You put your left faff in your left faff out in out in out faff it all about

Save it for Thursday!

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“Though shall not fanny about on a yacht”

Most of my 9 to 5 involves a variety of faffing

(Do you refer to your “member” as your “9 to 5”?)

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