Failed Pranks

Been using my keyboard since 8.30 this morning and just noticed that some hilarious prankster has swapped the ‘B’ and ‘P’ keys around. Opviously I can touch tybe (LOL!), and most of what I do is just typing numbers and copying and pasting anyway, so I’ve suffered no ill effects from these top office bants - For all I know, this was done a week ago and I’ve only just spotted it.

Please share more interesting anecdotes than mine of times when your pranks, or indeed attempts to prank you, have failed miserably.

There was a thread about stocks and shares or something where I tried to get chris_is_cool to say “RME” so I could say “yeah we get it, you like to shoot foreigners, change the fucking record pal” but it didn’t work.

Failed?! He/she has had your adenoids out there, mate.

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