Failure to lunch



what you having?

I’ve gone for a bol pot (kinda addicted to these things) but one i haven’t tried before: moroccan sweet potato & falafel. it’s comfortably the worst one i’ve tried.

also some chicken


bit late for a lunch thread - I had mine (bagel with ham and cheese) 2 hours ago


Had pasta tossed in pesto with olives, feta and walnuts. Was good


i haven’t had feta in ages

can’t say i particularly miss it


“Classic” gnocchi quattro formaggi





you can answer this however you wish


Rude, glad your bolpot was shit




some sort of leftover stew


Sweet Chili chicken katsu salad from wasabi, weird how the edamame is the best bit


Crayfish and mango salad from Sainsbo’s, it’s quite nice


that sounds dece. going to have to seek that out this week.


Mozzarella sandwich with avocado pesto and sun dried toms

It’s kinda warm for eating anything other than ice cream


got some pomegranate green tea for afters


I had an avocado falafel wrap and green juice from Pret because I got paid and am now made of money.


Some vivera ‘pulled veggie’ stuff with salad in a wrap. Was ok, wish I’d brought more stuff.



Emmental, Gherks, Mutty and mayo sanger
Fake Aldi skips
Tunnocks caramel

Fight me


usually good at these, but I’m struggling here.