Fair play

“I’ve always found their music is really powerful and gets me psyched up if I’m doing exercise. When I used to do marathons, I used to listen to Radiohead.”

Once saw Will Young at a filming of top of the pops. Out of all the performers (Girls Aloud, The Calling, Morrissey…) pretty sure he was the only one that played entirely live. Had this big ol’ jazz/soul ensemble which was cool. That’s my Will Young story. Seems like a good egg.

Love that Emiliana Torrini album. He’s name checked the best song on Me & Armini, but it’s waaay weaker than her previous two. I’ll be having words with him

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her song that featured on Sugar Rush was a total heartbreaker (and show had an underrated soundtrack all round)

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Just looked it up. Sandwiched between Sweet Song and Making Plans for Nigel on the soundtrack. Excellent soundtracking

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This is the one Young mentioned. Banger

This is now the Emiliana Torrini thread

That and S3 Skins introduced me to far more important indie bands than I would care to admit

(He says, admitting it)

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He’s got a couple of good songs

Can’t imagine listening to Radiohead on a marathon, would make it last all day

No drums to provide that running rhythm


wonderful to see Terence Trent D’Arby get a shout out