Faith No More appreciation thread

i love FNM

i saw them at Reading 09 and it remains easily in my top 5 gigs ever

i think sol invictus was great

share your favourite tunes



Enormous fan here. Always felt this was one of their best, bizarrely:

Was just planning on putting King For A Day on this afternoon. All my favourites are on it


Love them. Everything Mike Patton has ever done is gold.

Saw them waaaay back on the Angel Dust tour at Brixton Academy supported by L7. What a gig. Also saw them around the same time support Guns And Roses at Wembley Stadium. Since they’ve been back, seen them at £2.50 Black Sabbath show in Hyde Park and at The Roundhouse last year - both great.

Listened to Sol Invictus last week coincidentally. Good album :+1:

Angel Dust is a top 10 album of all time for me. Saw their first comeback gig at Brixton, as I missed them first time round.

Absolutely love the breakdown in this:

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great band but haven’t been slightly arsed about the reunion, thought sol invictus was a bit of a damp squib

First ever gig - FNM at the Astoria on the first round of The Real Thing tour

Second ever gig - FNM at Hammersmith Odeon (as was) on second round of The Real Thing tour (supported by Prong, perfect gig at the time)

The first time I went to Reading fest was to see them headline on the Friday - lost my glasses duringthe second song in the mosh pit, couldn’t see anything and couldn’t drive me and my mates home

Happy days. Seen them every time since they reformed too. Officially my favourite band ever… used to be all about Angel Dust but King For A Day is also a near-perfect album for me…

give it another bash - huge grower. some of their best tunes on it

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best bit of them at Leeds Fest was them doing the Eastenders theme

See above video.

Mike Patton’s other bands are all boss too. His EP with Dillinger is ridiculously good

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It really is. It’s potentially my favourite Dillinger thing.

Mr Bungle have 3 incredible albums, Fantomas are good (if not for everyone), Tomahawk are great (except that third album), and the Peeping Tom album is ace.

yeah I may agree! have you heard Dead Cross yet? the new band with him, Dave Lombardo and Justin Pearson

I care a bit


Used to be my favourite band. Angel Dust is still in my top 10 (probably)

read that article on the quietus a while back about how mike patton ‘ruined’ FNM


I remember that. Absolutely ludicrous.

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Still listen to them often…The Real Thing has the most perfect guitar tone and mix which they never recaptured sadly. Still a sucker for this one


Well that’s clearly utter bollocks