Faith No More appreciation thread


Another vote for Davidoff King For A Day.

My favourite is probably the title track but I think the first four or five tracks are pretty much untouchable.


shouldve never got rid of Courtney Love


FNM @ Reading 09 was awesome.Seem to remember that the NME tent was strangely far less crowded than we expected. Something to be grateful to Kings of Leon for, I guess.


Seem to remember Soundgarden was on that GNR Wembley line-up too!


one of the best progressive metal songs ever.



They were indeed. In fact, I got knocked out during their set - one of two times I’ve been KO’d during a gig (the other was Babes In Toyland at The Marquee the same year). Came to with the St John’s Ambulance bods just off to the side of the main stage and got back into the mosh and found my mates before the end of the set :+1:


Shout out to their Phoenix Festival headline set, whenever that was. Angel Dust era. Totally amazing.


These two have always done it for me


Real Thing is my fave. Also really love Introduce Yourself

Love this band and Patton’s golden touch in genral.

Here Patton doing across 110th st. during the Peeping Tom tour.


Ace band. Video Croissant was essential viewing back in the days of videos…and croissants.


Not FnM, but this is one of my favourite Patton videos. The general hilarity of the music, how much they nail the straight cover parts, his burp before he sings. Lovely stuff.


yeah it was half empty for them, at Leeds too. Suited me better

the NME tent is always bigger than I imagine, it looked quire bare during Glassjaw in 2011


Stuck for ideas this mothers’ day? Why not get the old dear the CD box set of their classic albums from The Real Thing to Album Of The Year plus Live At Brixton - only £9.99 at Amazon:

By the way guys, it’s mothers’ day this weekend…


Forgot how amazing FNM are for a bit there, fully back on board now. Been absolutely rinsing album of the year lately.


That’s my favourite! I remember scraping together the pennies and even borrowing from my parents’ friends to get it on cassette when I was a kid. Got some sweet whistling on it too!


Mike Patton just did the whole of Irony is a Dead Scene with DEP live, still sounds so good


Ludicrous value.