Faith #ssp


Anon polls

  • I have a faith / follow a religion
  • I do not have a faith and never have
  • I used to have a faith but now I don’t

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I’d describe myself as…

  • Atheist
  • Agnostic
  • Christian
  • Catholic
  • Buddhist
  • Muslim
  • Hindu
  • Sikh
  • Jewish
  • Anglican
  • Other (please state)

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I’ve often assumed that we are mostly atheists on here. I’ve seen some folk talk about their faith before but not too often, so I’m intrigued to know.

#SSP thread so please play nicely.


I was raised a catholic by parents that only really did so to please their parents. And so it goes.

I’d say I’m atheist now, but interested and actively learning about buddhism and find it quite helpful (any book recommendations would be very welcome)


Christian / Catholic isn’t an either/or!

Pretty sure ssp for religion won’t work tbh.


They’re different enough to put as different options though no? I don’t know, I am pretty damn ignorant. But yes probably should have been a multiple choice vote

I hope it will, but mods can always delete it if anyone starts acting up.

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I was raised super religious but must not have being paying attention as none of it sunk in, at middle school I learnt you were allowed to not believe so opted for that

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oh goodness


Do you mean Anglican/Protestant rather than Christian in that poll?

I used to get taken to Sunday School every week up until the age of 10 or 11, but I never really had faith as such. I just took it as a kind of history lesson.

I kind of grew out of it when it became more about worship and the actual existence of God, and I started to read about different faiths, beliefs and politics.

I don’t mean that being religious is something for children, but that I just lost interest in it as I got interested in other things.

EDIT: I see what you’ve done on the poll. If you want to be consistent, I’d remove the Anglican and Catholic options as they’re both Christian denominations.


This is like the intro to Sabotage




yeah slightly confused why you’ve got catholic, anglican and christian on there! maybe calling it ‘other christian denomination’ would work better but wouldn’t just christian have done? (not taking issue or offended or anything as i don’t consider myself christian, but none of my immediate family members are anglican or catholic but all 3 are different christian denominations!)


probably, I never claimed I wasn’t thick :smiley:


Just say Google m9


Was christened a Protestant/Church of Scotland and went to church/Sunday school until I went to high school, despite neither parent being particularly religious. I’m glad I went as it taught us to sit quietly and respectfully, and also my church was big on using the bible as a way to teach people to be kind to each other. It didn’t force people to believe anything or judge people or behave in certain ways. I haven’t gone to church in that way since and although I still tick Christian on forms I guess I’m not really. I don’t particularly believe in a god, but being a scientist at heart I’m also open to the possibility that one might exist, as anything is possible really, and I certainly wouldn’t try to judge someone for wanting to believe in a god, as long as they use their faith for good not bad.


I didn’t even go on the internet until about ten years after that.

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All downhill from there, then?


I was raised Catholic, and lapsed along with the rest of my family as a teen. Then generally identified as atheist (but still saw my Catholic identity as important) until part way through university when I started to find myself being pulled back in. Started going to church again when I left university and went to Mass every week for two and a half years. Also got confirmed in that time as I missed out on that as a child.

Haven’t been to Mass regularly for over a year now. Partly due to anxiety about new places and partly due to not really being able to receive communion. I think my faith has wavered a bit during this time though I still essentially believe.

I do want to go back, but I’m not sure when I will be able to. Every weekend I tell myself I will go but I never do…


did you go through an overly reactionary capital A Atheist stage at some point in your life

  • yes (used to have faith)
  • yes (never did)
  • no (used to)
  • no (never did)
  • no (still have faith)

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no idea tbh


Yes, for quite a few years as a teen and probably shamefully far into my 20s. Was a right little prick in general then anyway.

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Think Quakerism is probably the part of Christianity that appeals the most. I like the values of it and level of self reflection when practicing it. That said I don’t think I’ve ever really had a belief in God so I’m not sure I could ever call myself religious or even agnostic.