"Fake band" Threatin played a UK tour to no one


The rehabilitation to ensure ticket sales has started


Told my partner about then Underworld show


That article made me feel queasy reading it.


Fucking lol that he’s still sticking to his ‘it was the plan all along’ puppetmaster schtick. MAYBE if he booked that tour right now while the story is still somewhat fresh he’d make a little, but no one’s going to care come next November.

While I’m enjoying the story, I fail to see what the entertainment value in actually seeing him is, anyway. Not bad enough to be actual comedy, no big personality. Just your standard shitty local metal act who think they’re much better than they are.


Reading the comments from Camden Underworld on their Facebook page… what a bunch of fickle wankers.





Really hate the reactionary misappropriation of that word.