"Fake band" Threatin played a UK tour to no one


what was in it for him then? Just fun to pretend up until the last moment when he has to acknowledge he’s not a rock star?


his next show is Belfast tomorrow night. almost tempted to go along.


fuckin Iceage??


shows local supports on newer posts/venue website, but i’m wondering if he pretending he was touring with Iceage at one point


ironically they might get a bit of a crowd now that the notoriety value is there


Aye I’ve seen a few people chatting about going along


this could easily become the The Room of music and the guy will end up with packed out shows. Hopefully he returns to the venues he’s fucked over and then it’s a win-win story for everyone


He’s deleted his Facebook which is odd




I think the reason this is fascinating me is that I find it impossible to work out his motives… I mean is it possible he could WANT to play a succession of empty European gig venues?


it’s got to be the end-game


and annoying


He’s just a puppet. This is clearly a conspiracy orchestrated by O2 to put independent music venues out of business.


Yeah, its his fetish


He’ll probably get the piss ripped out of him at that Belfast gig from people who will just go to heckle him.

I have a feeling he’ll pull a Tommy Wiseau or Jaaquin Phoenix and claim it’s all a joke/stunt at some point, we’ll see.


Very much considering going to this…


I am absolutely fascinated by this story. If anyone’s in Belfast and it’s somehow still happening tonight, please go and report back.


i can’t imagine how he could pull it off though. he can’t play all the instruments live


Session musicians apparently


The shows billed on the UK tour so far have definitely taken place…


And it looks like the Belfast gig is on.