Fake ID chat

Did you have a fake ID when you were younger to get drink or get in places? I did, I was supposedly aged 19 (18 seemed to obvious and suspicious lol) and I think I was called Alan McFarland.

I suppose if you’ve any stories about fake IDs for international espionage use, you could tell us about that too if you must.

I didn’t, but I went to uni at 17 and just avoided the one place in town that ID’d on the door.

Yeah, a bunch of us found a place online when we were in lower sixth that did generic UK ID card style things, and we all ordered one. Mine came back with the wrong date on it so it still made out I was 17, but surprisingly for such a shady company, they were quite happy to send me a free replacement.

Went to use it at the local shit pub that had the most lax attitude, barman took it, rolled his eyes, said “That’s really poor”, but served me anyway. Never bothered with it again.

had a mate who could grow a decent beard by 15/16. He used to try to seem all mature by getting some groceries as well as booze to lull the shop attendant into a false sense of security. a standard shop would be 6 eggs, a lettuce, a bag of flour, 2 bottles of own-brand fanta a litre of their cheapest vodka and 3 20-decks of marlboro lights


nah. shops where i lived had zero qualms about serving you when you were 14

No, I never needed one, nobody seemed to care.

However when I was 14-15 I used to go to gigs at a local community centre. To attend you had to sign up for their club, but you could put any date of birth you liked on the form, they didn’t bother to check ID. So I put that I was 19, was given an adult card, and then successfully got served at the bar. The place never seemed to get in trouble for this.

Also I had a school friend who was one of three sisters who all looked really similar. The oldest sister’s expired passport was handed down like an heirloom.

the old mate with .a beard trick. We had one, his mum dragged him up to the off-licence one day and told them never to serve him again.

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Also this thread is confusing me, because I’m also following chat about IDs in penoid tournaments.

(Intentional Draws)

nah. if we wanted to drink, we’d go a local curry house that served unlimited quantities of booze to underage kids with a meal.

we stopped hanging around with him after that

never needed one really, even though I looked my age. did try one when I actually did turn 18 by printing a number out on Word and sticking it to my college ID. got seen right through

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Did that too. Was very unhappy when they wouldn’t consider a keema naan as a full meal.

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yeah I used meths’ passport when I was 16/17. It worked a lot of the time but if anyone actually bothered to think while they were checking they would NOT think the spotty kid at the door was 19/20 years old that’s for sure.

What’s your star sign?

I wonder what J-Kwon’s up to these days

Haha. Came in to post that. I remember when all the bouncers in Southend started wheeling that one out. Soon got wise to it.

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Gemini, apparently it means that I’m a human, there are things that I will like, things that I dislike. There are situations I will enjoy and some I don’t. Opportunities will pass my way but sometimes they won’t.

Never had one, wouldn’t have worked with my baby face regardless.

The first time I ever got served I was 15 and the barman shook my hand and said “pleased to meet an 18 year old”, unsurprisingly the place lost it’s license shortly after.


Never had one as I never attempted to do anything under-aged.

I think the first time I was ever asked for ID was Truck 2006 when I trouped down to the local shop for extra alcohol and I think some cider for @guntrip. I was 31 and just gave the woman a slightly confused look and she just okayed the purchase.

I did once knowingly buy alcohol in Morrison’s for an underage former DiSer and subsequent University Challenge winner.