Fake it till you make it

What are you currently faking?

Fingers crossed this doesn’t get too dark.

The Hay Wain

Being a responsible adult.


I’ve got a new complaint.


Does it relate to faking and forging?

If I liked posts, I’d like this one.


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Being a commercial jet pilot.


Loved your drumming on this.

Dave Grohl always sticks on brand.

Knowing what the fuck I’m doing at work.

It’s worked surprisingly well so far.


I was just kidding.

I’m too easy going to have a complaint.

Especially about a cutie like you.

I reckon i fake that i’m super-organised and proactive at work. Never been late, do well more than my fair share, actually enjoy grafting to the point that it makes me ill.

When i’m at home i do the square root of fuck all. Can barely drag myself out of bed, don’t even shower, or cook, literally for days at a time, just watch telly, eat takeaway and crywank.

Wish i could find a balance in both cases really, rather than spending half my time working myself into the ground and the other half stewing in my own jizz.

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