Fake Sleeves

Just having a quick read up on this, they do appear to be the same. Also DiS gets a wiki mention on there.

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My favourite PIL album is Commercial Zone and that’s not really an album proper. They have a lot more critically acclaimed material but I love the sound on Commercial Zone. Dark yet easily accessible.

I’m sure Soviet bootleg stuff goes for an arm and a leg these days. Not a road I’m prepared to go down ATM. As I’d spend all my money on it :grinning:

He took them to The Plastic Factory in Birmingham, pretty sure they gave him £1 for each copy which was still 5 times what he payed for them. Madness given the vinyl revival now.

Will try and see if I’ve still got one.

I think I got this off DIS back in the day. It still remains my cover art for In Rainbows on my phone.