I second that


Feel for them with all this unwanted attention.


the only wedding proposals I give a shit about going viral are ones called “steamed hams but its a wedding proposal”


more like



This has done me far more than it should’ve.


can you imagine having a bunch of people film you proposing to someone?


and in portrait mode as well


Getting married at 20 after knowing each other a year? Good luck with that.


Why did I watch this.


I haven’t watched it but morbid curiosity is pulling me slowly towards doing so

The Internet has ruined us all


Loveless couple divorce at same moment.


“You’re an odd fellow Seymour, but I just don’t love you anymore”

“Seymour! The house is on fire”

“No mother, it’s just a metaphor for how our marital unity has outstayed its welcome”



this has done me