Falcon & The Winter Soldier S1 (Spoilers)

Various chat about Episode 1 is in the Marvel Films Thread starting here

Try to spoiler stuff and mark which episode you’re watching for future readers.

Looking forward to episode 2 but probably won’t see it until at least Monday

I thought it was alright, will watch some more. I think this is going to be an interesting litmus test of whether I prefer things that are competent but ever so slightly dull, as I suspect this may turn out to be, or things that try something different but aren’t that good at it, like Wandavision.


Yeah I think that sums it up.

Also I felt like in the end WandaVision was about setting up a lot of stuff whereas here maybe it’s more concentrated on a single story


Another decent enough episode. White panther got a good chuckle out of me. Action is still pretty grey.

Really not getting why you wouldn’t be on team flag smasher? “It is imperative that we find the people giving vaccines to people that need it and stop them” what? Why???


Really enjoyed Episode 2. Until now I actually hadn’t ever clocked that Bucky had super-soldier stuff. The presence of Black Widow running around doing all the action stuff while being just human left me assuming Bucky was just human with a cool arm. It’s probably spelled out in Winter Solider and I just thought it was all just him being frozen.

Not 100% sure that’s not by design? I already feel like there’s a lot of politics here that are meant to be about thinking things through. e.g. Did Sam give back the shield because he felt like a black Captain America wasn’t a thing that would be accepted? Certainly the treatment of Isiah seems to be foreshadowing.

So yeah, I reckon the show may revolve around the Flag Smashers being seen as correct, probably if Hydra is about to be the main bad guy force we’ll see they’re just pawns.

I don’t think it has ever been explicit that Bucky had super soldier serum.

There was that scene in Civil War were he gets that Russian Doctor out of the prison but, it has never been obvious.

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Baseless speculation:

I imagine it’ll end by setting Sam up as the new Captain America but more interesting was Isiah, now I might be wrong but I thought it looked like a younger actor in old person make up (I haven’t looked up the actor so idk) but if so does that could mean they might de-age him at some point. And what would that mean for Steve Rogers…

Not really enjoying this so far. I guess we’re only two in but still. Feels very clunky to me.
There’s some good elements but overall, naaah.
Maybe it will improve when Emily VanCamp rocks up. Hope so at least

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They really just lifted this episode wholesale from another popular action franchise didn’t they

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Ah written by that series’ creator, makes sense

The editing/pacing is a bit off but I enjoyed moments of Ep3.

The Sharon Carter action scene was good.

I enjoyed Zemo dancing and critiquing Marvin Gaye


First episode was well boring, does this pick up?

If you did not enjoy the first one I don’t think you would like the second two

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John Wick?
Yeah it’s like they’ve written a script but can’t commit fully to its realisation. I mean I get it, times are incredibly tough for a lot of multi-billion corporations. But there must surely be a solution? Take elements of what I’m sure is a very fine script and adapt it to the times and budget? Maybe that would work? I dunno

I quite like the whole flag-smashers thing (despite the occasional clunkiness)
Sam is a good presence. Emily VanCamp did bring something extra which was needed. The last scene is promising.
I might just wait for the next three and do them in a oner when I’m bored.


Madripoor! Princess Bar! Was wondering if we’d get a reference to ‘Patch’.

Ah we’ve reached the “you thought these villains were relatable? Well here’s them blowing up an orphanage!!!” stage


Sorry didn’t respond to this Episode 2 stuff:

The Isiah actor is actually 69 but equally going off the normal timeline his character would be close to 100 now, so it’s unclear if that’s about providing some kind of continuity to supersoldiers ageing given Steve is something like 120 at the end of Endgame but obviously looks closer to 80? Or else there’ll maybe be some kind of flashback to the 1970s?

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Yeah it’s pissed me off a bit.

Spent ages making a complex villain notion of the Flagsmashers, including BattleStar Lamar dude pointing out they give out food and medicine, as well as her talking about what she wished she could have done.

Likewise, Captain Walker America is given a load of ups and downs in episode 2 to make us think he could end up making a good go of it, doing noble things etc.

Then this episode Captain America is being King Dick and full villain all along, while the loss of her mother to a disease apparently makes Karli go full psycho murder. I think when you look at Thanos it seems to me that MCU have a big problem with trying to make their villains seem more ‘human’ that pretty much boils down to ‘remember that the Kray Twins loved their mum’!

I reckon just go full Red Skull and be done. Or else Loki where it’s the fact they’re charming that’s the surprise.

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Oh hey Zemo straight up said superheroes are supremacists. Respect.


I’m full on team Zemo at this point. Class and style.