Who wants to play Fall Guys on Sunday evening?

Let’s say 7pm

Add me on psn, I’m Kid_Jook


Is it cross platform?

I’ve been thinking about getting it but will be on holiday this sunday

Would like to but I’m busy. Just stopping in to say that Fall Guys is great though.

It’s a thread in which to game


limmy’s made me really wanna play it
is it worth 20 quid or whatever? not bought a PC game in about a decade

Deffo I’d say, it’s dead fun

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Not yet :frowning:

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Right so I came into this thread, had a short skim and then left. There was a slight delay between my processing yr post and then having a right old laugh and returning to appreciate it properly


Did you ever play chi chu rocket? It can be a little bit like that.

(not in terms of the actual gameplay but the frenetic tense-but-fun competitiveness of it)

When you lose it doesn’t feel depressing like idk getting crushed in a shooter or by some kid on FIFA

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I’m going to throw you off the side.
Sorry/not sorry


It’s worth about £19.50

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Anyone here ever won at Fall Guys? Got to the final round twice, both times it was Hexagone. Think the best I managed was 4th.

Won once, had two very close finishes on Fall Mountain. I’ve never played hexagone which is really annoying because it looks great.

Ive won the first round before which i think is even more impressive as that’s out of 60 people. Got to the final about 10 times, never won.

I am getting pretty good at slime climb now though, quite enjoy it actually

I have never progressed from Slime Climb, hate it so much (my least favourite now I’ve finally got the hang of Seesaw).

2 wins. I am the king. Usually get to the final as long as a team game doesn’t fuck me

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Won 4 now. Can’t do the hexagone one, but I’m quite good at Fall Mountain.

I hate the jinx/tail ones.

Twice, and almost again this morning but lose by a second on hexagone, they fell slightly after me, gutted

I plan to win 5 in a row tonight