Yeah it’s good

And there’s a big fella that yeets you now

Really? Managed to avoid him so far

same, unconvinced it exists

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have seen it once when my wife was playing earlier - was behind the final doors on Door Dash, ready to yeet you over the finish line if you got it right

haven’t seen half of the changes in the trailer though, seems a bit random which keeps you on your toes

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the lead developer said he wants every level to be different every single time, eventually. should keep it fresh

i’m not playing anywhere near as much as I was but i’m dipping in most days for a quick go, still finding it fun

Enjoying the new randomness. Yeetus has shown up a few times. Perfect match is still so dull.

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Somewhere between five and twenty, based on the trophies. Think I’ve won all of the starter races at least once, plus Tiptoe a couple of times. Still not won the whole thing but getting closer now they seem to have phased out Hexagone.

They should yeet perfect match into the sea, I’m so sick of it. See Saw too

I spend more time on Perfect Match trying to name the fruits in different languages than actually paying attention to the game.

still funny when everyone bundles onto a square at the end and it’s wrong though.