Very true, if you like awful things

I do!

Wow ‘wall guys’ is very not fun

Spent a very enjoyable couple of hours going back in on this.

The new levels are great. I am BAD at the hoop one

It also feels much smoother

I will never got bored of pushing people in the slime

have only done the new egg level once but thought that was pretty rubbish, just like the old egg level funnily enough.

Wall Guys is alright, the ledge grabbing being so unreliable doesn’t help.

Knight Fever is decent, and I like Hoopsie Legends.

haven’t won a crown for ages though :sob:

With that new egg level, is there a way to easily steal eggs? Looked pretty difficult

not that I’m aware of - I nicked a couple by grabbing one, going up the ledge and then chucking it over the wall next to the little gate/hole thing. spent the majority of the game just flailing around aimlessly and only won cos my team was good and another one shat themselves.

Hoopsie one is really annoying

You jump over the wall at an angle

Played this again this morning for the first time in ages. Quite how I have got even worse than I used to be I don’t know.

Got a cute Viking outfit though.

cba with it, hate the wall level, the grabbing mechanism is so shit, it’s more frustrating than fun. Perfect Match and Roll Out are so easy that it’s just wasting my time. Sort it out Corbyn.

They’re putting a thing to knock you off on perfect match

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Pushing people off on Roll Out is the best thing about the game!