Falling down the stairs


Not a lot of fun is it?

I fell down my ridiculously steep stairs on Saturday, wrenched my shoulder, harrassed my already weak knee and made my toe bleed.

Don’t fall down the stairs is my advice.

Am now convinced this is how I’m going to die.

On the bright side I sorted out my DiS secret santa, which was weighing heavily on my mind. Perhaps that’s why I fell.
Stupid fucking DiSer




That’s me, almost exactly, japes!


i got my secret santa gift at the weekend too. it’s the only present i’ve bought so far.


Glad there was a kindly ghost dog at the bottom to comfort her/him



Interesting choice to have a glass pane on a staircase, that has an episode of ‘Casualty’ written all over it.


Haven’t fallen down stairs since I was about 6 years old. Who falls down stairs apart from children and the elderly?!


My grandad was telling me about his sister who fell down some stairs lately. Her shoulder was poking out of the front and she had to have surgery and after the surgery they couldn’t get a pulse in her arm so they had to take a vein from her leg but I’m sure you’ll be fine


my friend’s mum fell down the stairs at a train station and died :frowning:
700 or so a year in the UK die from injuries sustained falling down the stairs, apparently.


sorry saps, that’s probably not helping.


Stairs or shower, that’s how I’m going out.


Come and see my fucking stairs, safari features. They’re a death trap.

My housemate and another friend have both fallen down them and they’re not geriatrics like me.


All four of us have at some point fallen down the stairs in our house. I managed it whilst carrying a side-panel of a dismantled wardrobe. You have my sympathy.


You’re a good guy, ccb. I knew I could rely on you for support.


Fell down the stairs about 7-8 years ago and broke my coccyx and dislocated my shoulder. That was a fun summer. A few months later, when I thought the shoulder had healed, I dislocated it again playing bowling. It’s never been right since.

I recommend not breaking your coccyx as an experience in life.


Sorry to hear about the shoulder.

I bruised my coccyx a couple of years ago and it gave me discomfort until just recently. I can’t imagine how awful breaking it must have been. You have my sympathy.


oh shit


Literally just spend a month sitting on a sofa guzzling painkillers and avoiding moving. Luckily I had a very nice bf at the time who helped me out with lots of things.

It’s not like they can put it in a cast. The main treatment is to just give you loads of painkillers until you can’t feel it. Apparently if it hurts, you’ll sit differently, and it will heal up in the wrong position and cause you trouble in future.