Falling into the trap of British stereotyping


I tend to loudly malign the attempts at American writers/actors/everything to portray the Brits, especially the cartoonish vernacular that they wheel out.

Yet, I’ll tell people to bugger off. I’ll call people a sod. And indeed a wanker. I even say blimey sometimes, ffs.

What do YOU do that’s stereotypical despite your best efforts? This is also applicable to Scots etc. You bawbags.


I say “gosh” all the time, like something out of a Richard Curtis film.


i keep gosh to a minimum but have broken out a ‘crikey’ recently


Attempts OF* American writers



I’m a frequent and enthusiastic user of the word “crikey”. Parents hated swearing so I just got into the habit of using alternative words.

Also: repressing my true feelings and forcing them down into a dark pit of self-loathing


It’s a direct result of a religious upbringing. I swear quite a lot now but I can’t take the Lord’s name in vain.


bad teeth :disappointed:


i was discussing this with a gal pal who said that oral hygiene is something that’s renowned as being awful here in Blighty. So when she came to visit she discovered that while not everyone’s teeth line up nicely, they’re not all yellowing halitosis-ridden plaguespawn as she’d been led to believe


Not sure why Tom Hardy thinks it’s ok to pretend he’s from South Wales as standard


i mean no one else wants to do that so maybe don’t question it


we don’t all look like this though, which is a problem for them


I drink a lot of tea?


I hate a poorly made cup of tea and I apologise far too much. Sorry.


this is a good one, by jove




I also don’t like to see a queuing system that isn’t organised and fair.




It’s basically all square sausage and irn-bru up here, so yeah, pretty much a walking cliché.


I was googling recently whether he was welsh. Why the hell does he talk like that if he’s from London? I hate Tom hardy


The biggest headfuck for me is Christian Bale. What is his real accent?!?!