Falling out of love with football

I think I’m at a point now where I just can’t get any enjoyment out of watching/supporting football any more. I had been feeling less and less enthused for a while but while a game was on, I was always fully invested.

I think there’s been a number of factors but since the World Cup, something has changed. Like most football fans, the World Cup is always an exciting time but due to the obvious reasons I didn’t watch any of it. Since then I’ve tried to watch Liverpool games as I always would have but my attention during the game has gone through the floor.

The first game back after the WC was also Boxing Day, a fixture I always look forward to. Liverpool won 3-1 but I felt a bit flat watching it. I then got Covid and had literally nothing else to do while in a tiny room for the next match, again I watched it but the usual highs and lows that go through a game just weren’t there. Since then I’ve gone from having a game on TV but spending far more time looking at my phone, to this weekend where I didn’t even bother to look at the Liverpool - Chelsea score til this morning. I used to enjoy the football threads on here too but think I’ve only looked at the January one once.

I don’t know if it’s a phase and I’ll pick up my excitement again but at this point I can’t really be arsed and don’t really feel like I’m missing it. Not really sure what the point of this thread is either. I guess I’m just conscious that a major interest of mine for a large part of my life is dwindling.


If you’re not enjoying something any more, stop doing it without feeling bad about it.

I still love football, its the main thing in my life but, if I ever get to a stage where my true thoughts are telling me “this is unenjoyable now” I’ll stop.

See also, walking out of films/gigs, putting down a book etc etc

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sometimes I think I don’t like my interests any more and then I realise im actually depressed and the enjoyment comes back when the depression ends, could that be happening?


football’s been thoroughly depressing me for about 35 years, with maybe 2% enjoyment vs 98% disappoinment

and the team i support isn’t even that bad!


This part of the league season is boring as fuck anyway. Since the world cup I’ve watched a couple of bradford games and a few la liga and serie a matches, that’s it I think.

Will probably tune back into the PL in april when matches start to feel meaningful again


I had considered this but nah, I’m good with everything but football. Life’s in a decent place otherwise and all my other interests are going strong.

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Genuinely think Fantasy Football has helped me enjoy it more. I can only get invested in football when I have a personal investment (good variation of words) in it. Thats why I couldnt give a toss about European contests or international ones but I’m all over the Prem

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Also really bored of premier league clubs / fans and their sad little beeves

Really like watching spanish football in the background even when the matches arent that great, partly cos i enjoy the style of football but also i feel more detached from it and overexposure hasn’t killed it for me in the same way


I used to be all over fantasy football too but I don’t think I’ve looked at it since November. Dunno, think I’m just struggling with being so into it for so many years and that spark has just disappeared in the space of three months.

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I often think I’d have no interest if I didn’t go the games. I enjoy watching a match I’m invested in, with people I like and care about, and sharing something with my dad (and hopefully, in years to come, my son). I’ve also hugely enjoyed living through my club’s success over the last two decades, although still hold the late 90s/early 2000s more closely to my heart in most ways.

Most things about football are tedious or actively annoying, and I think maybe I still overall enjoy it because I’ve over time tuned those things out. I know lots of people love the threads here but they aren’t for me, I don’t read much press stuff, haven’t gone anywhere near a coke-adled away game for a decade. Drop the bits you don’t enjoy, and if that’s all of it, that’s fine.


That’s completely fair. Maybe not the angle you’re feeling here, but I think a lot of the time the wider sporting media, even people you know who also like football, are pretty intrinsically cynical without realising it.
What’s happened to football the last two decades is genuinely disgusting on so many levels.
It gets swept under the rug by tribalism, a blinded and bellowing ‘‘but you have to support your team!!’’ over everything.
It just doesn’t cut the mustard consistently anymore, the pageantry and money pumped into the sport can’t really make up for the loss of endorphins when you experience what it’s really become. A lot of the time for the big games the whole thing does just seem like a soulless, pointless endeavour for different vile benefactors to get their name on telly.


I don’t really watch any football apart from Palace games nowadays and this is probably my last season as a season ticket holder.

For me going to football was the whole day of going with friends, which I don’t do anymore.

Fell out of love with other football a long time ago.

I had a similar thing a few years ago. Watching/ listening to football was such a big part of my life. I think rather than becoming disinterested in it, I became aware that us losing a game had such a bad impact on my mood that it was a bit unhealthy, so I detached myself and stopped watching the games.

I think now I enjoy going to local non league games, but only watch football on TV to be with friends in the pub who want to watch it.

I kind of had this around 5 years ago, was slightly odd as Brentford were doing about as well as they ever had in my lifetime but I was really unbothered by it, had a season ticket but probably didn’t go to at least half the games and not even for good reasons, stuff like “it’s cold”, “I’m tired”, “the train looks like it’s running late” etc. don’t really know why, thinking back on timescales it does sync up quite well with Dean Smith being manager but not sure it was entirely his fault, plus it definitely carried over into the early Thomas Frank era too (iirc there was a match at home to Swansea where it was quite important we got a result, and I cba going).

not sure what got me back into it tbh, remember being well into the 19/20 season, even before covid made any kind of football seem well exciting and we actually looked good like we could get promoted. I do like dipping into other leagues as well when I see them on TV, Serie A seems quite fun atm but never seem to catch the Bundesliga nowadays, not sure if Sky are showing it less or something?

kind of echoing some points above as well, but definitely a good thing if you identify something as not being fun or enjoyable and you can cut it out - I binned off FPL this season as I felt I could tell it annoyed me if I did something like transfer a player in then I watched a match and they did shit, stuff like that. also got a bit too into playing FIFA 22 last season, which I countered by simply not getting FIFA 23 and I don’t miss it at all.


not directly related, but I’ve found in the last year or so that I find watching sport on TV more enjoyable if I just put my phone down and don’t look at it during a match or whatever. I find that if I do have my phone and I’m on it, i don’t really pay attention to what I’m watching and don’t enjoy it - particularly noticed this whole watching F1 but also applies to football for me, like yesterday I watched Liverpool v Chelsea and first half I dunno what happened beyond the disallowed goal cos I was on my phone, second half I actively put it down, watched the match and quite liked it, wasn’t the best but decent way to spent 45 mins for me.


This season is the most excited I’ve been about the Premier League for almost two decades.

Sorry, not sorry.


“Putting your phone somewhere else or turning it off” is a key to enjoying basically anything these days tbh.

One of the best things about being at the match is having no phone data. Same as how much better going to the cinema is


In addition to that, yesterday afternoon I went to the cinema and didn’t see any score updates. Watching MOTD without knowing the results is so much more fun.


Don’t really love football any more but still watch it sometimes and I’m reluctant to give it up because I’m worried about not having much else in the way of hobbies to enjoy (pretty much fell out of love with video games a while ago also).

Spurs and Liverpool were largely on a par for most of my football supporting life so I can identify with this. Maybe it’s the exposure to the good times and it looking like it’s on the wane has some influence on my interest, I hope that’s not it though, because I lived through the Hodgson era without dropping it and 13/14 was my favourite season even though we fell away at the end. So many mad, exciting games that season it made it all worth it regardless of throwing it away.

Similar experience here. Moved away from UK about a decade ago. Going to the games or heading to the pub with a group of friends was really the best part for me. Countless Sundays spent watching multiple games, enjoying pints and roast in good company. After I left I slowly became more cynical about it all. Eventually it became that a bad result would effect my mood no end. Got very little joy from watching games at home on my own. I suppose at least the packages here shows the 3pms and is much more reasonably priced. I like the football threads here but rarely participate in real time. Between a football groups chat and DiS there’d be no time to actually watch the game.

It swung back the other way as Andre Jr. has got more and more into it. Watching the World Cup together was a treat and hoping to take him to local game soon. Comes out with nuggets like “and now they get hugs” after a goal is scored. Could easily see us planning a road trip for either the Euros or next WC which feels exciting.