False Economy Thread (Thrifty Regret)



I’m currently enduring a tin of Tesco Cream of Chicken soup. I was lured by it being 47p, against Heinz’s £1 offer (or 4 for £3).

Before I started eating it a colleague said it’s probably off the same production line. It clearly isn’t. The Heinz one is quite nice. This is crap.


Buying a wok from Lidl.


Hope you’re feeling better now Saps


Aggers, it’s really not good. It’s thin and watery and some of the bits of chicken taste nasty.


Talk us through it, Eps.

If it’s a dull story embellish it in some way.


TBH mate, I was making reference to the fact that a grown human adult with any sense of self-respect would only eat cream of chicken soup if they were feeling very, very unwell


Terrible, @saps


I see.


It probably is from the same production line, but it has then been made shitter* so it compares unfavourably to the brand name product.

*by various methods, such as shouting negative phrases at it, and kicking the tins into the supermarket lorry.


barleysugar bought a wok from Lidl and the non-stick coating started to flake off it after one use. Then he posted about it on here. Then there was an explosion that could be seen from space.


Hey, I’ve flirted with controversy enough already today.


And controversy has blocked you on twitter as a consequence


Bought a £20 EQ pedal because I thought, fuck it, how bad can it really be?

Pretty, pretty bad, it turns out.


I feel bad now. I shouted at it some more.

And then kicked the empty can at Erin, opposite.

She’s got soup dregs all up her cardigan.


I see what you did there.

And like it.