False memories


Please don’t make a “false mammaries” parody thread. We can pretend that we’re better than that.

Got any good false memories that you’re aware of? I’ve got an incredibly banal one where I can “remember” being nervous before an online card game tournament while sat in my old room at uni, but it’s not real because that game didn’t happen until years after I’d moved away from there.

Surely you can do better than that.


Yeah, my brother and cousins and I swear my parents used to keep pigs. We all share a memory of one of my cousins stripping and playing in the mud with them. But my parents insist that they’ve never kept pigs.

Also, the ghost train at Blackpool Pleasure Beach has a skeleton on top of it. I have strong memories of that skeleton being animatronic - it used to reach down and try and grab you - but it isn’t. He’s just lying there.


My girlfriend spent 3 and a half years convinced that we had watched Kick-Ass 2 together, to the point we had some actual arguments about it. Got to the point that I had to sit and watch Kick-Ass 2 with her to jog her memory that she had seen it with her friends.

It was a very bad film


When I was about 5, my brother told me micheal jackson lived up the road and i said “aw yeah, I think I remember seeing him about”


There was a period of time when I was convinced I’d paid to go in a floatation tank and could sort of remember the experience.

I definitely didn’t though.


I have a memory of there being chickens loose on a flight I took to Canada with Air India when I was 5. There can’t have been chickens in the passenger section of a plane could there?


think I can out banal that, remember seeing in the tv listings bbc1 showing forrest gump 2, remember thinking ‘I didn’t know there was a forrest gump 2’ years later I see an article about how forrest gump 2 was never made. glitch in the matrix, or a typo.


I’ve heard air india was a bit of an experience back then


This is an interesting article on this concept:


Not sure if mine is more banal than the OP.

Read on here last week that there had been a big update for No Man’s Sky. Spent an hour on Sunday looking for the disc which I could clearly remember being in a pile of books and stuff I’d moved from the living room to the bedroom.

Turned out I’d downloaded it from the Playstation store.


I get a lot of that feeling that you’ve dreamt an exact scenario before it’s happened, when I clearly haven’t. It’s not the same but it’s the best I can do, sorry.


My brother and I both swear we saw the KFC man in the logo in China with Milhouse eyes* but I Google Street viewed it and it wasn’t there, Colonel Sanders had his glasses and everything


yeah got one about being smacked repeatedly by my mum as punishment for waking up in the night.


Have a memory of a tramp bringing a sackload of beer to school for the kids Christmas party one year. Seems a really vivid memory but it’s definitely a dream that I’ve remembered


I think the best thing about this is that it serves as proof that some people with whom you argue on the internet literally cannot be made to change their mind.


not true


i remember the fun we used to have on drownedinsound dot com


whilst reading a book i was conviced I had already read it before but it had only been out a few days

then i remembered it was a David Mitchell book and they are all the same so probably just that.




shut it japes i pressed the wrong reply button