Fam*ly WhatsApp Groups

Do you have a fam*ly WhatsApp group? Other messenger services allowed too.

I tried to start one a couple of years ago but other than one reply (which confirmed they were receiving them at least) no-one else said anything so I stopped responding.

someone (definitely not me) once dropped the question “anyone bringing weed?” into a family whatsapp group. mother was not best pleased


extended family whatsapp groups (and a few others I don’t want to be roped into) are the reason I’ve avoided ever using it


Still no

Yeah. It’s deeply neglected. My partner’s family group one is one of the best things.



highlights pls


I fucking said “no” mate.

One for immediate family (brother and parents) which is used sparingly but has had some bants in the world cup

One for my dad’s side of the family dotted round Europe which is mainly used for babies, weddings, birthdays and my Spanish cousin (38) sharing some really shit and pretty dodgy memes

Preferred Epimer’s version


90% chat of what they are eating or planning to eat, 5% slagging each other off, 5% Strictly speculation/rants

Ah ok

Me: I’m going to Nice in June
Everyone else in my family, simultaneously: That’s Nice


Nope. I don’t think that my parents or brother have whatsapp on their phones.

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Audited this recently. I had 26 groups, partly as a result of having divorced parents and 4 siblings meaning lots of combos, but also because my dad doesn’t understand the concept of repurposing an existing group.


my family chat is pretty boring and mainly consists of me posting pictures of some DIY and asking “what do you think?” and my mum saying “what’s the weather like lol?”

mike’s family chat can be quite banterous

Struggling with the concept of communicating with the family in anything other than strained weekly telephone conversations where they only talk about themselves, tbh


Me - no.

The TV has two - one family group and one family group minus her mum, as her mum is a massive pain in the arse drama queen. The number of times messages regarding her mum’s behaviour have accidentally been posted in the group actually containing her? High…

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it’s mostly baby pictures