Fam*ly WhatsApp Groups

Yes, my siblings started one up for our immediate family as soon as they started introducing bairns into the world. Generally consists of child photos, followed by some “aww” responses then a reply from my mum a few days later saying “lovely photos”


[edit] Removed because some fami-y members of mine have been using my DiS history against me. If you’re reading this right now, now you know I know.


It would just be one at a time in response to random things. It properly creeped them all out. Serves them right for voting Tory* :clown_face:

*except my mum now. She told me the other week she voted for Labour in the local elections, honestly don’t know who she is any more. She despises them!! (Cool ur jets Corbynistas, she just thinks the candidate has been a nice man when she’s met him and had concerns about the other candidates.)

My mum set one up for me and my siblings and spouses (my dad doesn’t have a phone). It’s mainly my mum telling us they’re going on holiday once a month, or it’s some relative’s birthday so she tells us to post a message on their Facebook wall. Interspersed with my siblings posting photos of their kids which is nice.

The TV’s mum has set up a range of groups for different combinations of her son, daughter and me and cross-posts a lot which gets annoying.

wife is in a whatsapp group with my mum and my sisters. Completely unacceptable #SHUTITDOWN


Back in the good old days you’d just stick it on the fridge


Haha no. After 10 years of holding it together post separation my Mum and Dad’s relationship has irretrievably broken down. Sister’s wedding next month so that’s gonna be a right laugh.

Got a 3 way with my sister and Dad on iPhone messenger at the moment mind you.

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So proud

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It’s not Thursday any more, pal!



No. My parents basically only turn their mobiles on if they’re making a call or expecting one, so it’d be a bit pointless.

mate me


Have one on messenger, but it’s just me, my ma, and my sister, and they mostly use it to share photos of their cats, which obviously I’m totally onboard with.

Yes, My sister uses it to send pics/videos of my Nephew to everyone whilst everyone else uses it to decided on a theme for the Spotify Playlist we stick on in the background when we all get togther for Sunday roasts at my Parents.

Dog playing piano?

My family don’t have much time for needless conversation, so any texts/WhatsApp’s are direct and to the point. One word messages are not uncommon.

Yes. It’s just me, my two siblings and one in-law. As we all live in different countries and time zones, this has proven to be very useful when proper stuff needs to be sorted. Plus baby photos. Who doesn’t like baby photos?

My sister set one up last year for the wider family (cousins, in-law’s brothers and sisters, etc.). Within a few hours this resulted in an endless stream of people sending each other thumbs up emojis. Couldn’t press the ‘leave’ button quick enough.



Ours is about once a week pictures of my baby nephew and occasional dog pictures+comments where my mum pretends to be speaking as the dog (quite creepy)

Gf’s family one I’m in is daily inane chat. Lots of photos of having a glass of wine etc. Her mum posted a job ad for some civil service job this morning, asking if any of us knew anyone interested. They talk on the phone almost every day as well, the weirdos.

Have one with jut my mum and sister. Rarely used apart from planning things or in necessity. Perfect.