🔥 🔥 🔥 FAME CLASH 2020 🔥 🔥 🔥

Good morning everyone and welcome to FAME CLASH 2020, the hot new game where we guess which famous person who shares a name with another famous person comes up first when you Google them.

What happens is that community members make a poll with two (or more) famous people who have the same name with their profession in brackets next to it and then we vote on who we think would come up first on Google if you just search for their name then we’re having fun.

A couple of examples to get us started:

  • Ali Carter (Snooker)
  • Ali Carter (Actor)

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  • Jim Jefferies (Heart of Midlothian icon)
  • Jim Jefferies (Comedian)

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cool thread


Thanks Bammers x

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who is the actor ali carter? first result on imdb is the snookerman

Never heard of these people.

He may be thinking of the actress Ali Larter

  • Chris Evans (superhero action man)
  • Chris Evans (TFI Friday, radio, cars, dating Billie Piper when she was dubiously young)

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Well, not everyone can be Armin van Buren, Hoogs!

Haha! Oh yeah. Everyone out.


Oooh it’s curly wurly gate all over again

Shove your curly-wurly up your arse, mate

this is a real disaster for those of us who clicked Ali Carter in the poll, what have you done?

Oh dear

you’d think there would be more of these wouldn’t you

  • Paul Robinson (goalkeeper)
  • Paul Robinson (Neighbours bad man)

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  • The Rock (wrestler, actor)
  • The Rock (1996 movie)

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  • Robbie Williams (Jonathan Wilkes’ friend)
  • Robbie Williams (former Plymouth Argyle left back)

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Right, let’s get this back on track.

  • Chris Evans (actor)
  • Chris Evans (radio/tv host)

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  • Sheeldz (US political commentator)
  • Sheeldz (me)

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I’m definitely on mute aren’t I?


I’m not responsible for people’s choices