Fame Vs Acclaim - A would you rather thread

Prompted by a conversation we’ve been having this morning, let’s see what you all would rather achieve in the following fields:

Film - You can either be in any old shite, but know that they’ll make millions of pounds and be massively popular on a mainstream level OR be lauded and acclaimed by critics and film buffs for appearing discerningly in more niche or selective genres/films

  • Fame - I’ll appear in anything
  • Acclaim - Just the snobby stuff for me

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Music - You can be heralded by music fans, your peers, critics etc and make a string of highly rated records but never achieve huge success OR you can sell millions of albums but be derided as shite by people like DiS.

  • Fame - Gimme those platinum discs please
  • Acclaim - 5/5 on the HGATR is enough for me

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Literature - Same deal really, churn out a conveyor belt of trashy page turners, make millions OR craft one book every few years lovingly and publish them to high acclaim but limited sales

  • Fame - Where do I sign the rights away?
  • Acclaim - No theme park ride for my novel thanks

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Football - You can go to an oilball big hitter for millions and get paid ridiculously, but only play around a third of all games, OR you can stay at low to mid-level within the Premier League, Championship etc where you won’t win as much if anything but your talent will be truly appreciated

  • Fame - Sign me up for that sweet Gazprom
  • Acclaim - Just the 20k a week will do me

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One of my life goals is to have a part in one of those films that’s so bad it’s good.

Would love it if I could find some manic director who has no idea what they’re doing but is 100% determined to make it happen anyway and just bask in their delusion.


Basically books are the art form I hold in greatest regard and am most ‘snobby’ about

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the idea of fame is terrifying to me. unless it’s football, because i’m a big game player.


We’ve come to the conclusion that the answers depend a lot on how much credibility and merit you attach to each medium. For example, I’m not that bothered by film so I’d just take the cash, whereas musically I’d want to be respected and taken more seriously even if that affected the income.

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Not bothered with fame, wouldn’t mind acclaim, obviously don’t care about football because it’d be like getting recognition for being absolutely outstanding at shitting in my own hand and clapping.

You’re not allowed to use your hands when playing football.


I always quite liked Charlie from Busted blatantly doing it for the fame


If you were a musician, would you license songs for adverts

  • Yes, absolutely anything
  • Yes, as long as it wasn’t morally repugnant
  • Never
  • Maybe one or two

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I’m some guy in his thirties with an office job who likes doing things.

As long as there’s no moral objection to any sort of opportunity that comes up for this sort of thing, and it’s something I might enjoy, then I’m game.

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Anyone know if Epimer likes football?


Hoofy have you heard of “the goalkeeper”? You might want to do basic Wikipedia research on a topic before wading in like this and embarrassing yourself.




Football and big, juicy steaks are his deal

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I would hate to be famous but I would like to play football for a living or make films for a living.

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Re, film.

I think if you have the talent to be in acclaimed films, then it’s not too difficult to make the switch to big blockbusters later on should you wish (eg Tilda Swinton, Ian McKellan etc), and I think your career is likely to be longer, than if you go for the ‘fame’ route initially.


Become the worlds first masked footballer

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he ‘liked’ a football chant I posted the other day, so I think that’s conclusive proof that yes, he does

That was a misclick

Facundo Sava says hello!