Family group chats

What’s happening in your family group chats?

I have a pretty big family with a ridiculous amount of cousins, aunties & uncles and we have one massive group chat that gets filled with lots of absolute shite.

I’ve considered muting it many times but was glad I hadn’t when my aunt sent this photo of my cousin’s wee boy on Friday.

I believe she was trying to caption it with “Babyccino”…


That’s a band name and a half


Mainly talk about the weather with the occasional conspiracy theory from my brother. I don’t contribute very much.

Refused to join, whatsapp’s for mates, football chat and sexting people on android.

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Yesterday was rife for it but oddly quiet so far today, sure it will ramp up as the week progresses then a full blown meltdown when the temperatures are forecast to go crazy on Sunday. Irish people just love the weather. That and people who have died.

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As if I can explain to them what WhatsApp is when this is the most I ever get from texts


That’s good

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And also with you

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Baby Chernobyl has really done me :grinning:

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Don’t really have enough close family for a group chat.


Aye there’s lots of this type of chat too. That and forwarding of really poorly taken photographs.

One of my aunties in particular seems to have a real skill for taking photos of people smiling at social gatherings with their eyes shut.

Bit creepy

Edited to make it seem less weird :slight_smile:

Got loads.

Group with me, parents, brother
Group with me and parents
Group with me, parents, brother, brothers gf
Group with me, brother and dad (football chat)
Group with me, mum, brother, brothers gf
Group with me, parents, brother, aunt, uncle
And then individual chats with my mum and dad and brother

The ones that are most frequently used are the one with my parents and the football one, the others are just logistics based group chats

The one with parents and brother used to be the only one and that was very lively, including a massive row between me and my brother over him leaving loads of skid marks in the toilet bowl when we were both under the same roof during lockdown last year. I got so apoplectic about his response that I removed him from my work beneficiary plan. hope it was worth the 30 seconds of not using a toilet brush, dickhead!!

Chat with parents less active now I’m not playing wordle.

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This is exactly the sort of stuff I was hoping for with this thread :joy:


Hey there! I am using WhatsApp.


No group chat as funny as Baby Chernobyl, but do find it very funny that my mam’s profile pic on WhatsApp is a photo of the QR code for using WhatsApp desktop


I explained to her that when she was trying to get WhatsApp desktop to work that she’d inadvertently updated her profile picture also, but she thought it was very funny so decided to leave it like that.



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