Family Romance

have a read - absolutely mad (some incredible quotes in this too)

Louis Tacos to thread


Even thinking about that thread has done me.

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bants, obviously

none of that in this tho holding hands is ok but no kissing or further

it’s completely insane though, he’s literally destroying peoples lives (when they find out)

I wouldn’t even know how to find it.

Yuichi: I had a single-mother friend, and she had a son. He was trying to enter a private school, but they denied him solely because he had no father. I wanted to challenge the unfairness of Japanese society, so I posed as his father.

Morin: Were you successful?

Yuichi: Not in that situation.

Just checking with the other @moderators before deleting.

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if the @moderators told you to jump off a cliff etc
(I probably would tbf)

Fine with me.

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Fake news

not a mod, but can’t see why this would be a problem?..

What I was really checking was

whether the process for flagging and deleting posts was correct because I don’t really know what I’m doing :sweat_smile:


Thank you!

You can duplicate threads and posts into the private moderator’s forum.

Still amazed that people remember Tacos from that thread and not the bloke who actually shagged his cousin.

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Surprised nobody remembers the time he filmed a video of himself talking to his pet dog about his first ever erection.

Is there a link to this thread

It’s a doozy

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