Famous people living where you wouldn't expect

Seasick Steve used to live in Skelmersdale for a bit.

Courtney Love lived in Toxteth for a bit.

That’s it. Thanks.


Jake ‘the snake’ Roberts in St Albans

Henry rollins in Leeds

Why did Seasick Steve live in Skem?

To get to the other side


Pierce Brosnan in Longniddry

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Slash. Stoke.

Hugh Cornwell formed The Stranglers while doing a post-grad in biochemistry at Lund University in the South of Sweden

Rock & Roll

Also, up until very recently Billy Bragg lived here




John Cooper Clarke lives in Colchester

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The bloody town in bloody Essex
Towie this and Ford Fiestas

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Saw him arguing over the price of a second hand Dyson once

I wanna be your vacuum cleaner
Breathing in your dust

Joanna Page lived in Jane McDonalds house when her husband was in Emmerdale

will young used to live on bodmin moor but i think he’s left now. oh apparently only lived there sometimes

Metallica on their Master of Puppets tour rehearsed at Fast Stix, which was a £5 an hour dive of a rehearsal studio in Birmingham that my then band used to rehearse in.

It was local folklore for a while.


Presumably BB had to move out as the house has now fallen into the sea?

At Christmas I was reminiscing about my old paper round in the small village near Cardiff where my parents live. I mentioned one very nice house in particular at the top of a hill, and casually mentioned that H from Steps lives there. I had no idea. Not sure when he moved in.

Reckon there’s a good 5-10 years of the cliff holding up

He got out while he could

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I heard somewhere that Bez lived in a cave in Morocco for a bit before he was in the Happy Mondays.

Nico lived in Salford for a bit as well