Famous people who did a thing and got stuck with the thing

Kate Bush and Bee Gees singing high, it being really successful, being expected to always sing that way.

Idris Elba doing his Stringer Bell voice and then even when he’s got a London accent in things it’s still got some of that ‘hey ladies, this is my smooth voice, this is my thing’ (but having seen an old Silent Witness pre-The Wire the voice he uses today is not his natural voice) Yes, I know voices change as you get older.

Are there any other things someone did once and then got stuck with it?



This is not about associating someone with a thing, but them still actively doing it when perhaps it was only ever a one time only thing in their eyes.

Is this the cat bin person? And can you confirm they are still catbinning?

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Don’t think I’ve ever seen a John Barnes TV appearance where he doesn’t do the World In Motion rap

Got it, then maybe something more like Bob Dylan playing an acoustic guitar?

Yes, perhaps. I’ll review your submission in due course.

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Brian Harvey
Baked potato

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Thank you very much for your time and considered explanations


Bob Dylan’s arthritis means he can’t really play guitar any more. Manages a bit of piano now.

Is this a bit?

Maybe that bo selecta/Keith Lemon guy

I swear Jimmy Carr never used to laugh now he can’t do a show without referencing or doing it


he’s started making jokes about his taxes a lot because other comedians on his shows kept making jokes about his taxes


Was gonna mention that too yeah

Beastie Boys for a while became the arseholes they tried to satirise.

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I think I’ve set out the conditions of this thread in a poor way, which is good because explaining myself poorly is a thing I’m really consistent with.

Think what I mean is an affected thing that we’ve come to believe is natural. Is that what I mean? IS IT?! Like if I hear the bee gees singing non-falsetto I’m like omg check them out trying to sound all grown up, rather than thinking ah yes, they’re just using their natural voice. The experimental thing someone tried has become what we want to believe is their natural thing (even when we know it isn’t).

I hope I have adequately over-complicated and niched the thread to its hasty death now <3

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Auds off Corra - going hmm?

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<3 you’re not annoying, you’re the voice of good sense and great morals and never change


Swear to god that hurr hurr hurr thing emerged out of nowhere on one of the Big Fat Quizzes Of Their Respective Years

Pat Phelan

Being an evil bastard

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